Local Business Referrals Wanted


The Bitcoin Bounty Program

Does your favorite local business offer an easy way to buy and send gift cards online? Can you buy their gift cards using bitcoins? We can already tell you... probably not.

Instagift powers mobile and egift card programs for thousands of the best local restaurants, retailers, and spas across the nation. Setup is free and doesn't require any extra hardware or POS system headache. Best yet, all new Instagift stores accept bitcoins.

Successfully refer a new business and earn $50 worth of bitcoins when they come online. Please read the more information section to learn more. After submitting a referral, you can track them here.

Shop Instagift with Bitcoin

More Information and Referral Program Rules

Tell me more about Instagift

Have you ever wanted to buy an online gift card to a good local business, but didn't want to wait for it in the mail? Instagift solves that. We create beautiful online gift card stores for local businesses of all kinds (Example #1, Example #2). The gift cards can be printed, emailed as a gift, or redeemed straight from a mobile phone. We also provide easy to use customer loyalty tools via comps and rewards. Instagift's pricing tiers make it easy to try our service with zero long term commitments.

New and complete referrals only

The referred business must not be a current Instagift customer and cannot have previously had any form of business relationship with Instagift. In addition, you must provide valid information for each required form field to qualify.

US Only, for now

This program is only available for residents of the United States.

Spammers and bad-actors not welcome

We did not design this program for bitcoin-hungry spammers. Please don't waste our time referring businesses to whom you have no personal or business relationship. We reserve the right to revoke anyone's participation in the program if we decide at our sole discretion that you're misrepresenting Instagift or otherwise behaving badly.

Reaching the 'Reward Stage'

You'll earn the referral reward once a business successfully reaches the 'reward stage'. This typically happens once the business places a prominently displayed link on their official website, linking to their gift card store. Reward stage determination can vary from business to business and is at our sole discretion. Check the current sales stage.

How do I get credit?

Your email address will be tagged with the business as it progresses through our standard sales cycle. Once the reward stage is reached, you will be contacted by an Instagift representative to coordinate a referral payout. We will ask for your bitcoin address at this time.

How much is the reward? What if the bitcoin exchange rate changes?

At the time of reward, we will exchange $50.00 USD for bitcoins at the current buy price listed on You can check the current reward at anytime on this page. Please allow a few days for processing.

How can I improve my chances of reward?

Like any introduction, the warmer the better! Let the business know that someone from Instagift will be contacting them. Feel free to followup with the business and make sure they make it through the sign up process. To improve your pitch, read more about Instagift on our homepage and on our blog. Get more familiar with our product by purchasing an egift card for an Instagift business in your area.

High volume resellers

Instagift has a more formal reseller program available to high volume referrers. This typically includes marketing companies and other types of local business service providers. Contact to learn more. In addition, all proper tax forms will be available to individuals making mad bitcoin from Instagift.

And one final time...

The validity of every referral and referral reward is at the sole discretion of Instagift. The terms of this program and reward values can change at anytime. We have zero intention of disallowing valid referrals or rewards, but you never know what the future holds, and our lawyers are a nervous bunch. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.